Meet the 4th Grade Team

Hello families,

Thank you for coming to see our page and welcome to the 2021-2022 school year. Below on our webpage you will find resources and links to the new platform that we will be using called Canvas. I hope you are having a school year. Below are some resources that the students can access during the school year for learning.

Please note that in the event that we have a code orange students are to log into canvas to complete the work assigned
in canvas. It is mandatory. We are available on zoom, which the link can be found on the homeroom course on canvas. The
Fourth grade team will be available for help  on zoom during these times below:
10:00am to 10:30am
2:00pm to 2:30pm

Learning Opportunities

Language Arts/Reading:
clever logo

-Lexia- Continue to work on your lexia skills for reading. Found on clever site. 
-Study Island- Do any VA Program in 4th grade to be ready for 5th grade. Found on clever site. 
-Myon- You can read books any time of the day and build up your stamina. Found on clever site. 
-Raz-Kids- Read books and take quizzes to level up. Students must be at level U by end of year. 

pebble go
-Pebble Go- Listen and read interesting books from animals to historical people. On your student websites.
-Epic- Additional books you can read during normal school hours.  Click on this: Epic site link


-Study Island- Please review 4th grade math objectives to be ready for 5th grade. Found on clever site. 

Sol sites
-SOL Pass- Find and do some math sol pass practice.
-Jefferson Lab- Practice your 4th grade math skills. Please do at least 20 questions.
-Interactive assessment- A way to practice those skills you are missing on jefferson lab.
Right next to the website.

(Please sharpen up your computation skills: adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.)


Keep a  journal of writing  to show what happened on your code orange day or virtual day!

-SOL Pass: Review 4th grade objectives in SOL Pass under Science 4th grade.

Coding Lessons: Coding Sites
Coding Sites

Follow the link below to do some coding lessons on the student's websites.

Don't forget to eat well and exercise.



    If you click on the red link it will direct you to Canvas. This is a management learning platform where the students will login to find their assignments for each subject, virtual live teaching, and recorded lessons. Click here to go to Canvas

   Did you know you can become an observer in Canvas? If you are interested in knowing how your student is doing or learning about what they are doing in Canvas let their teacher know for more information!

Links for Canvas How to Videos: Click the grey links for any


zoom_0.mp4 - Video on how to access canvas assignments

Canvas for PWCS Parents-54 minutes

Canvas for PWCS Parents 2- 6 minutes

Zoom for the PWCS Parents-4 minutes

Canvas for Parents- multiple videos in Spanish and English on the specific task in canvas

Technology Help on our Enterprise PWCS Website

Parent Vue Sign Up!

If you have not signed up with parent vue here is the link and instructions below to do so. Parent Vue is a way to keep track of grades, attendance, and so much more.  Click the link below:

Parent Vue Link

1. After you have clicked the Parent Vue link, you will click, " More options"  on the bottom right
2.  Click "Activate account"  and follow the prompts
3. If you don't have your activation/authentication key, email our secretary,  Nati Brizuela,  at 

Library Card


You can borrow audiobooks and ebooks for free from the public library! Just download the Libby app and use your library card to access the library system. 
Don't have a library card, click here!
  1. Open the Libby app or link
  2. Select "Yes" when it asks you if you have a library card (or sign up for one below)
  3. Select "I'll Search for a Library" and find Prince William Public Library System by typing in that, or by putting in Dale City or your zip code (22193)
  4. Select "Enter Library Account Details" and add your library card number
  5. If you got your library card through Enterprise, your password is the last 4 digits of your card. Otherwise, if you don't know your password, select "Here's some help"
  6. Select "Forgot password" and add your barcode (library card number). Then check your email that you used to sign up for the card for a reset link.
  7. Then you just need to add your barcode (library card number) and password to login!

Meet your Teacher

Mrs. Greenwood



Hello 4th graders and families! I am Mrs. Greenwood (AKA, “Flip Flop Ninja”)

Welcome to 4th grade, the most exciting and rewarding school year.

These are important to me:
1. Have fun. If you are not having fun, you are NOT learning.

2. Believe in yourself because everyone can succeed.

3. Be a life-long learner by pursuing your own knowledge.

4. Respect diversity because everyone contributes and deserves love and respect.

5. Keep pushing yourself because there is no limit to your potential.

(Download a copy of “How To Survive Flip Flop Ninja’s Class” manual.

It’s floating on internet) Email:

Mrs. Sukanovich 

Professional Photo Bitmoji Image

Hello 4th graders and families! I am Ms. Sukanovich but the kids call me Ms. S. for short. I am one of your fourth grade teaching ninjas this year, and my fellow ninja teachers call me “Ultimate Ninja”. Welcome to 4th grade, the most exciting and rewarding school year!! I have been teaching over twenty years and can’t wait to be your teacher this year!!!!!!! We will be doing a lot of getting to know you activities the first few weeks, so we will be getting to learn more about each other together! I can’t wait to meet you!!! Here’s to an AWESOME new year ahead!!!


Mrs. Jones

Professional PhotoBitmoji Image

Hello fourth graders and families! I am Mrs. Jones and I am one of  the fourth grade teachers this year. This will be my second year teaching this grade at Enterprise Elementary.  Welcome to fourth grade! The first week will be about getting to know each other and the virtual classroom that we will be in together. I can't wait to meet and get to know all of you! If  you have any questions or concerns please make sure to reach out to me through my email. I can also set up an interpreter and call you if need. Here is to a great fourth grade year!


bitmoji  photo

Our Special Education Teacher!

My name is Samora Blake.  I have one son, Isaiah, who just graduated from High School.  I am from a little town called Lynchburg, Va.  In my free time I enjoy catching up on movies, traveling to new places and playing games! One of my greatest joys is leading worship at my local church.  I have been teaching for 17 years now and I enjoy helping students achieve their goals and trying something new!  I look forward to a great year of learning and fun with our 4th grade students!!  I can be reached by email at or
 call 703-590-1558.  One School, One Family!!!

Virtual Learning Tips

Store  all your materials together  so you can find themSchool Set.png

Find a quiet place to work in your house Student Geometry Computer.png

Make sure to eat and drink throughout the day Triangle Sandwich.png

Come to live instruction early and prepared  Female Student.png

Be kind and respectful towards each other Community Symbol.png

Tips on How to set up your Virtual Learning Space

1. Give each student a shelf or area so they know which items belongs to them
2. Let them have a stay in where their space should be. Their learning space could be a nook, small table, or corner.
3. Store papers in a bin on a shelf or nearby cabinet. The pencils should be easy to reach!
4. Good posture helps with writing skills and good habits.  Their feet should be on the floor. Use pillows and boxes under themselves and their feet if needed.
5. Transform a corner with pillows to make a reading nook for them.
6. Experts suggest multiple areas for learning: A desk for focused work, dining room table for projects, and a corner for reading.
7. If your house is full of distracted learners:
         Put a bookcase in between their desks
         Put up some trifold boards if they are at the same table
         Let them have noise canceling headphones/ a fan
         Keep the wandering baby/toddler behind a baby gate
         If they get easily distracted make sure they are facing a wall to work 
         Article on it: Learning Space Tips

                                                                              Family Resources