Here is where I will be posting optional activities to do at home!


Which One Doesn't Belong?
In this activity, discuss with students which object doesn't belong in the set of pictures. Each set comes with 4 objects or numbers. There isn't one right answer! See if you can find a reason for why each one doesn't belong and have your student explain why.

You can find the pictures for this activity in the math folder!

Bus A or Bus B?

You will take a bus trip across the country to see a professional football game. You
have a choice of two buses. (Both bus trips will arrive the day before the game.)
 Bus A departs at 7:47 am and arrives at 8:14 pm.
 Bus B is 12 hours and 53 minutes in length. Both trips cost $200.
Which bus would you choose, Bus A or Bus B? Why?
Show your thinking using pictures, words, and symbols.

Here's an easy sound wave activity!

You will need-
A bowl or cup.
Cling Warp to cover the top
Small grains of rice, salt, sugar, pepper, etc.

Cover the top of the bowl with cling wrap and pour a small amount of grains on top.
Use your voice to hum near the bowl and see what happens.
Try clapping and making other sounds near the bowl and watch what happens. (Music is a great option! Make sure your speakers are close)
Talk with your children about what they see.

Social Studies


Continue having your students read for 40 minutes a day.  Ask them questions about what they read, like;

Were there any words that you didn't know? How did you figure them out?
What was the chapter/what did you read about?
Has the character changed in the story at all?
What is the conflict of the story? How was it resolved?
What did you learn about?