All Library Encore in September will start in our Library Zoom Room. Please see your teacher's Canvas page for the link this Month.

Library Calendar September

Joining EPIC! eBooks for Daily Reading

Mrs. Flench enrolled 4th and 5th graders in her Epic Books "Class" until teachers have an opportunity to make their own epic! classes.

If your teacher has already enrolled you, use your teacher's Class Code and find your name.
If your teacher has not enrolled their class yet, use the Class Code Mrs. Flench gave you today in her Zoom lesson or email her at to ask for it.

Find your name by searching for your teacher and then your name. Teachers:

GW  Greenwood   DS Dobson
JONES Jones   ML Matalone
SV Sukanovich   PEREZ Perez

Image link from Boushey Read Every Day
Thank you Mrs. Percy Best for sharing a website that can make everyone a better reading whether they are 7 or 70! This website teaches students to develop reading stamina.  Stamina is the ability to do something for a long period of time without quitting. This website helps readers add a little time each day until reading for 30 minutes comes naturally. Please take a look and work all summer to develop your own reading stamina!

Link to Flench Youtube video
Summer Reading - Breakfast with Enterprise Video/Mrs. Flenchsummer reading banner


Our students need and deserve our support as they read this summer.  
There are many options, but here are two local choices that will make it easy.  
PWCS Summer Reading link
Prince William County librarians are recommending a great list of books for every child's grade level in the fall.  These books are optional choices, but wonderful ones! Most of them are available as eBooks through the public library (below).

County public library link
There is a lot of fun in store in the public library's summer reading program.  It is all online this year and includes an app for devices called Beanstack.  I've already put it on my phone and I'm adding up my daily reading minutes and making a list of what I'm reading.  No matter what grade you're in, or if your waaaay past elementary school, you can do it too!  Keep reading families!

link to Virginia readers choice presentation
Still looking for book ideas? Click the image to see next year's nominees for the Virginia Reader's Choice Award.  Books for K-3 and books for 3-5.  Choose your reading level and get started early.

Distance Learning Lessons from the Librarywords related to reading

June 1-5 Grades K-1-2

One of my favorite video resources comes from Weston Woods. Scholastic has provided a free link to their BookFlix online book videos that pair up a fiction book video with a non-fiction eBook to read. I started my exploration with Diary of a Spider and I loved every minute of it! I hope you will enjoy all 4 weeks of wonderful books offered here.  This free access ends on June 30.

free BookFlix link


June 1-5 Grades 3-4-5

Third, Fourth and Fifth Graders, I hope you will spend some time investigating, digging into, and exploring the cool resources here at Scholastic Learn At Home 3-5. I scrolled down to Day 2 and spent a fascinating 30 minutes with Lauren Tarshis, author of the I Survived series as she took me on an outstanding tour of a new Museum of the American Revolution.
Link to Revolutionary War museum

Then I noticed Day 4 and I'm sure you'll agree it's a little GROSS.  And in Week 4 under Candy Creations (YUM) at the VERY bottom of the page, I'm still trying to beat LEVEL ONE (humiliated) of Aim for the Line.  Someone show me how to win!

Scholastic Learn at Home

May 25-29   Grades K-1-2

KidLit TV

This week is your free choice week.  Explore any or all of the wonderful resources at this webpage: KidLit TV

Kidlit TV image

May 25-29   Grades 3-4-5

Choice Bingo

authors everywhere bingo card


May 22 Grades K-1-2

Before you watch my puppet show, observe how a master-puppeteer made puppets.  Jim Henson in 1969

And now, my puppet show: The Three Little Pigs 

Enjoy your day, kids. Scroll down to find many interesting places to read books this weekend!

May 19   Grades K-1-2

LAST WEEK: There were some glitches in last week's links.  Be sure you watched: 

How to make a puppet stage from last week.
Now watch Mrs. Flench make a puppet stage from last week.
Make a stage of your own!

THIS WEEK: On May 19, enjoy this video of a well-known story: The Three Little Pigs.

I taped a background in the back so you can't see through to the room anymore.  Look!
puppet stage with background picture
This shows the SETTING of the story of the Three Little Pigs.

To get ready to tell that story, I created 3 houses.
straw house prop  stick house prop  brick house prop

Have you guessed the story I'm going to tell? What am I missing? On Friday I'll show you the 4 CHARACTERS and perform my puppet show.  

Have you made your own story?  Send me a video!

As an alternative, here are some great puppet shows for you to enjoy. See you back here on Friday!

This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen
What Does an Anteater Eat? by Ross Collins
Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

Does anyone at your house use FaceBook?  Check out Center for Puppetry Arts on May 19.  Here is their live Tuesday schedule:

9am Rise & Shine with King Raisin

1pm Make It! – Stomping Stringed Bird Puppet

3pm Puppet Pow! – Stretch, Move, Play: a Physical Warm-up for Puppetry



May 19 and May 22   Grades 3-4-5

If you haven't finished Mrs. Virakone's composer assignment, spend this week going back to my resources below for May 12 and 15 (Grades 3-4-5) and complete all parts of that assignment.  You will turn your Fake FaceBook page in to Mrs. Virakone and turn in your Works Cited page to Mrs. Flench.

If you did complete the composer project, enjoy your next two library visits playing here!  I'm attaching a LOOOOONG page of Digital Escape Rooms to visit and conquer. I (Mrs. Flench) have escaped from Mufaro's Beautiful Daughter's escape challenge, and from the Sher-Lock Digital Escape Room but I'm still stuck in Mrs. Lemoncello's Library.  If you can escape that one, you've beat me!

After you escape from 3 or more, let me know what they are. I love puzzles. Recommend a few to me based on your experience!


May 12   Grades K-1-2

This is a fun week in the library.  Let's watch a book trailer for a great picture book: Jon Klassen's I Want My Hat Back.  Then sit back and enjoy the same story in a terrific puppet show.  Finally, make puppets for I Want My Hat Back. Draw them or print out and cut characters from the PDF I've included for you. (This PDF comes from a whole activity kit shared by Candlewick Publishers.) Tape your puppets to sticks or twigs, tight rolls of paper or glued together strips of paper. 

On Friday I'll show you how to make a puppet stage out of a cardboard box so take a look around your house and see if you can find a box to use on Friday. 

1. Watch the trailer by clicking here
2. Watch the puppet show by clicking here
3. Make your own puppets any way you'd like.  You may want to print this PDF below.
I Want My Hat Back characters . 

May 15   Grades K-1-2

Did you enjoy that puppet show? I LOVED it!

Now lets figure out how we could make a puppet stage and put on our own show. Watch this video while I get my materials ready.

How to make a puppet stage

Now watch Mrs. Flench make a puppet stage

You've seen the pros make a stage, you've seen my miniature stage.  Can you make a stage of your own and create a puppet show?  Please video one of your shows and send a copy to Mrs. Flench.  Hurray! Take a bow!

gif of bear clapping


May 12  Grades 3-4-5

Get ready to work on Mrs. Virakone's FaceBook project!  Before you fill it in, watch this video to see how it's done.  FaceBook Composer Research Video.  The form is available on Mrs. Virakone's class page.

May 15  Grades 3-4-5

Why do we name our resources when we research?  Watch this short video to remind yourself.  Citations for Beginners

Watch Mrs. Flench's Video Instructions

and then fill in your own form

image and link to PDF works cited page

To save and email your Citation Form follow these steps:

1. While your form is open, click on PRINT

2. Don't print! Instead, use the pull-down menu near the Print button and choose either DESTINATION PDF or MICROSOFT PRINT TO PDF. 
 print to PDF

3. Give your document a name and save it to a location where you can find it again.  (It defaults to Downloads. Look there if you can't find it.)
naming and saving PDF

4. Open your email and send this document as an attachment to Mrs.

You're done! Take a bow!
clapping hands

May 5

Click on the link for your grade level. Watch the video and follow the instructions.  Email me to tell me about your work there.

Kindergarten Activity Link  1st Grade Activity LInk  2nd Grade Activity LInk  3rd Grade Activity Link  4th Grade Activity Link  5th Grade Activity Link

May 8  Grades K-1-2

The Thursday activity requires you to look around for the living things in your own backyard.  Start with me by visiting my backyard for a quick look around.  Then use this link for some great ideas you can do with the living things you find in your own yard.  Take a picture of what you do and send it to me at

May 8  Grades 3-4-5

Let's get ready for research! Mrs. Virakone and I have plans for a music project.  Are you ready? After watching the May 5 videos above, it's time to look at a website that is FOCUSED on music.  After viewing the short video, choose one of these options below:

1. Play 2 of the games at and have fun!
2. Choose one composer from Then return to WorldBook Online (remember, you login through Clever) and look for the same composer there.  Compare the information there. Make a list of 3 things you found in one webpage but not the other. Email that list to me at
3. Listen to short examples of  composers who created their music during the same musical period (use the timeline for an easy reminder). Find one thing that is similar and one thing that is different between the 3 pieces and email me with what you discovered at


April 27-May 1

  Tuesday Thursday Friday
Grades K-2 Asking and Answering Questions /
Making Connections
Office Hours
 See Choice Board
Grades 3-5 Reading Non-Fiction / Asking and
Answering Questions 
 Office Hours
See Choice Board
Battle of the Books Team  Work on BoB project - Described on Canvas  Work on BoB project - Described on Canvas Meeting via Zoom 11:00 - see email  for link

April 27-May 1  Grades K-2

Good readers ask and answer questions about their reading.

Let’s revisit JLG and Mr. Magee again for another adventure. This time, it’s Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee by Chris van Dusen.  Mrs. Flench asks a lot of questions when she reads a book, do you?  While sharing the book together, think about the questions that pop into your mind as a reader. Think about the answers we discover together.

  Choice Board Grades K-2 April 27-May 1

Use Clever and open World Book Online, then open World Book Kids.  In the search box type WHALES.  Read or use the read-to-me button to learn about whales.

Make a list of as many connections as you can between whale facts in the World Book Kids article and Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee. (I thought of 5.  Can you find more?)

Email the list to Mrs. Flench:


It’s possible the whales in the book we read were right whales. Watch this video about an amazing meeting between a right whale and a man who takes pictures underwater. What questions do you have after watching this video? Email your questions to Mrs. Flench so we can find answers.

Nat Geo Right Whale Video

image of right whale

Love a puzzle? Try this whale puzzle. It’s full of details that were in Mr. Magee. What do you remember?

Whale Crossword

Click to learn more about these words.


April 27-May 1
Grades 3-5

Revisit Junior Library Guild one more time to read together an informational book (non-fiction) about germs and health.  Click on the link to Fighting Sickness, below.

Fighting Sickness by Joseph Midthun

This is a long readaloud.  Please watch it today and return this Friday for activities.
If you would like to spend more time "in the library", go to Junior Library Guild by logging in using the link below.  What other books there are interesting to you? Start reading one and continue with it over the next days until you finish.  What book are you reading? Email me at  

Choice Board  Grades 3-5 April 27-May 1

Choice Board for Grades 3, 4, 5

April 20-24  All Grades

1. Take a quick tour of the library webpage and try out some ebooks for free. 2. After watching my video, log in to Junior Library Guild's free ebook page and read a book there. 3. Email Mrs. Flench and tell her what you read and what it was about.  Do you think I'd like it?

April 20-24  Grades K-2

1. View my readaloud of the book A Camping Spree For Mr. Magee by Chris Dusen. 2. Write the numbers 1-20 on small slips of paper.  Put them in a hat! Then get some family members to play "Camping Would You Rather.pdf" Each person takes turns picking a number from the hat and the leader (you!) reads that question. Each person has to answer their question and tell WHY.  3. Mr. Magee sure had a tough time when he went camping.  Can you remember how the story took place? Can you match each cause with its effect? Visit my Quizlet game (you don't have to log in) and choose MATCH on the left side. Then see if you can link up the causes (with their pictures) with their effects. What is your fastest time? 

April 20-24  Grades 3-5

1. View my book talk for the book What's the Difference? by by Emma Strack (Author), Guillaume Plantevin (Illustrator).
2. Using the link to JLG below, find the book, What's the Difference? and explore its contents. What interests you? Animals? Food? Fashion? Write an email to Mrs. Flench ( and tell her which topic you explored in detail. If
you have trouble navigating the book, watch the book talk again (step 1).
3. Compare and contrast. Draw two large intersecting circles on a piece of paper. At the top of each circle write the names of two things compared in this book (for example: Asian Elephant -- African Elephant). Where the circles intersect list all the things the book described that are similar. Where the circles are separate list all the things the book described that are different. Take a photo of your venn diagram and send it to my email address ( Teach me something new!

What Will You Read Today? 

Many publishers and book providers are making eBooks available online at no charge.  This list will be updated as Mrs. Flench becomes aware of more offers.  Enjoy!

Junior Library Guild eBook access

1. Junior Library Guild

Login: JLGELM / Password: JLGFREE

To use on Apple devices, consider adding their free app" "JLG Digital"

Audible Books: Stories Help

2. Audible Stories

No login or password required.  These audio books are offered for young readers to teens and include new titles, classics, folk and fairy tales, and audio books and audio books in 5 different languages.  Get out your earbuds!

3. National Geographic Young Explorer

 Past issues of Young Explorer are available for children to read online. Readers can choose to read with or without audio support.  

4. Scholastic Learn At Home   Free reading experiences and though provoking q to keep you learning while you're at home.

storyline online

5. Storyline Online
Professional actors use their special talents to provide memorable read-alouds. Don't miss this one!

6. Classic Books from the Library of Congress
Many classic books are in the public domain and can be published and read online free of charge. 

7. The International Children's Digital Library
Are you looking for books written in Spanish? Farsi? Korean? This website has picture books written in many different languages, including, of course, English.  

Day by Day VA8. Day by Day VA
GREAT reading, singing, moving, playing, making activities for kids and their parents to do together.  Each day has something new.  Check this one out! Hosted by the Library of Virginia and the Institute of Museum and Library Service. 

Great Websites for Kids from A L A9. Great Websites for Kids
3 pages of links to trusted and interesting websites for kids, many in Spanish, and interesting to all grade levels!


Prince William Public Library header

Prince William Public Libraries make eBooks available during Covid-19 closings. 

The public libraries in Prince William County are now closed for checking out book. :-(

However you can borrow digital books, magazines, audio books and more by using your library card in the online catalog and read them on your devices.  If you don't have a library card, link here to create a digital library card!  

Visit our online book fair all year!



Every year the Virginia State Reading Association nominates books for annual awards and our students vote on these books in April.  

Primary Titles for Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
Our Votes Are In!  Enterprise Students in grades K-2 read all 10 books and this is how they voted!

 Alfie: The Turtle that Disappeared by Thyra Heder       8       
 The Boo-Boos that Changed the World  by Barry Wittenstein      11
 Can I Be Your Dog?  by Troy Cummings      26 
 Give Me Back My Book! by Travis foster and Ethan Long      15 
 Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall       4 
 Little Penguin and the Lollipop by Tadgh Bentley      29
 Sing, Don't Cry by Angela Dominguez       0 
 This is a Ball  by Beck and Matt Stanton      24
 What If...  by Samantha Berger      20
 When's My Birthday? by Julia Fogliano       3

Elementary Titles for Grades 3-5

Voting for all VRC nominees has been extended to September 30. Hooray!

The Adventures of Henry Whiskers by Gigi Priebe
Confessions from the Principal's Kid by Robin Mellom
Dazzle Ships: World War I and the Art of Confusion by Chris Barton Front Desk by Kelly Uang
Her Right Foot by Dave Eggers
Lemons by Melissa Savage
The Losers Club by Andrew Clement
Pablo and Birdy  by Allison McGhee
Shadows at Jamestown  by Steven K. Smith
They Didn't Teach This in Worm School  by Simone LIa

ho won the contest last year?

Primary: The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors - Written by Drew Daywalt
Elementary: The Wild Robot - Written by Peter Brown
Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors
Image of Peter Brown's book The Wild Robot

Enterprise Embryology Links


Where Are the Chicks Now?

I'm happy to tell you we found wonderful homes for our chicks!  13 of them went to live with a local farmer who was hoping to raise about a dozen on his farm. We gave him a "baker's dozen" of 13 and he was pleased to meet our little ones.

The other two have gone to the home of a friend who already has a number of chickens in her home flock.  She took Louise about three years ago and has raised that lovely girl to the sweet hen that visited us at school last year!

In case you're wondering what they're doing...
At Kristin's house they're hanging out with her dog, Ella. And sometimes dressing up.

chicks sleeping with dear Ella  chicks from our hatch

I found that two eggs were not fertile and removed them from our incubator.  We had 16 incubating hatched 15.  That's a great hatching year!

Links to videos below:


Incubator day 10   Day 10 Candled Egg   chicks in box on return day - with food and water dishes

Day 12 Candling Eggs

Day 16 Instead of Candling


chick development wheel Make your own Chick Development Wheel - From Ellen McHenry's website download pdf to print out the two-part wheel Mrs. Flench has been using!

How can you help your child find books that are just right for them?

Choosing books that fit students' reading levels and interests will help them keep practicing and improving their reading skills as they enjoy books.  There are many resources available for parents.  Reading Rockets has many ideas to help you with your child's reading.  Please take a look!

Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets

source for webpage buttons:

Mission Statement
The library program at Enterprise Elementary is here to engage students as enthusiastic, successful readers and staff as advocates and users of books and reading materials that enhance their teaching.

17th Library of Congress National Book Festival

Saturday, September 2, 2017 — More than 100 Authors and Presenters

17th Library of Congress National Book Festival

Saturday, September 2, 2017 — More than 100 Authors and Presenters