English Learner News

May , 2020
Hi 4th and 5th grade Rockets in who work with Mrs. Rodriguez-Snellings! We are almost at the end of the school year!

5th graders- A new mini lesson is located at the bottom of this class page in the "Files" sections. I look forward to seeing you all during your class Zoom meetings!

4th grade- Your mini lesson is in the file folder at the bottom of this page.
Have a great week!
Love, Mrs. Rodriguez-Snellings

We hope that all our community is well during this time. Please do not hesitate to let us know in what other ways we can help our students navigate our school website and the resources provided here. Students we miss you all!

Please be sure to continue reading and logging into the sites you use at school to practice reading and math. Click here to access Enterprise Elementary Student Websites 

Students can log in to Clever here, by using their Office 365 username and password. Once logged in, students can access many of the programs we use for instruction.

Moreover, we have included different websites with great resources for you to explore with your students. Just click on the title and it would take you to the website. Please find them below.

                         EL Rocket
           All are welcome here!
This year, our EL (English Learner) department will be serving about 150 students whose first language is a different language than English. We are thrilled to have people from almost every continent in our planet under one roof. At Enterprise Elementary we are proud to host such diversity and want to encourage the families to come to us and share their experiences and backgrounds as the year goes by. 

Our goal In the EL program is to help our students master the academic language and skills necessary to be successful in the school setting which will ultimately help them succeed in college, future work settings and become good citizens.
We are including a list of resources below just click on the link.

Emily Brown             Brownee@pwcs.edu         
Janira Collado   colladjm@pwcs.edu
Jessica Rodriguez-Snellings   RodrigJL@pwcs.edu
Camilia Motha   mothaca@pwcs.edu