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Michelle Percy-Best - Title I reading

Diana Clark - Title I math

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What is Title I?

A federal grant that supports programs in schools to improve the learning of children from low-income families.

How does Title I support students?
The program provides additional instructional resources to improve student performance.  These resources include qualified teachers, materials, and professional development.   It is open to all families in Title I schools.  

Check out all of the folders below for reading and math activities you can complete over the summer.   Keep learning and have a great summer break!
See you in the fall! 
Diana Clark and Michelle Percy-Best

Turn summer slide into SUMMER THRIVE!   
  All Second grade students received math games and 50 of our students also received new books.  We are excited their learning will continue over the summer.  Thank you to the families for working with their students and helping them to THRIVE over the summer!