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Research and Reference Websites


Pebble Go


Instruction and Assessment Websites

Kahoot Five Pond Press
K-3 Social Studies 



 Hour of Code Shape Tracer   Scratch


Educational Game Websites

 ABCYa  Star Fall  Play and Learn
Play and Learn


Reading Websites

 Epic! Raz Kids
  Enterprise Online Library


Scholastic Magazines (login required)

 Scholastic Magazine 1st
1st Grade
 Scholastic Magazine 2nd
2nd Grade
 Scholastic Magazine 3rd
3rd Grade
 Scholastic Magazine 4th
4th Grade
 Scholastic Magazine 5th
5th Grade


SOL Practice Websites

Jefferson Lab Interactive Assessment
SOL Pass Virginia Studies Activtiies
TestNav practice
TestNav practice


Math Websites

Origo Slate   Sheppard software
Desmos Calculator

Study Jams  Maths Dictionary Thinking Blocks


Virtual Math Manipulatives

Geoboard  Think Central
Hundred's Board Virtual Manipulatives
Addition Table
Multiplication Table Dynamic Number Line  Glenco
Interactive Fractions Number Line  Money



 Keyboard Zoo Cup Stacking   Ghost Typing 
 Alpha Munchies Keyboard Invasion
Typing Race


Misc. Websites

 Canva  VoiceThread  Wixie