Hello Enterprise Families 

I miss you all so much while we are apart. I hope you are all staying safe and keeping healthy. Washing Hands.png

Students - remember to be reading every day. This is so important for you and nothing is better than picking up a good book. Your teachers have many websites you can use for some online books if you don't have any at home right now. Just jump on the Enterprise website and go to your class page.   

Also, this is a great time to practice your math skills that help make solving problems even faster, like addition or subtraction, multiplication or division facts.                                      Math.png          

Finally, think about some story writing, keeping a journal, making up your own jokes or songs. These are all great ways to keep practicing your writing.

Parents - You are doing a great job supporting your children and we encourage you to make sure they are happy and healthy. Don't stress about any academics, our amazing teachers will be giving them review opportunities and catching them up once school resumes.

 Illustration Of A Red Heart With Flowers.png

As always we are a phone call or e-mail away if you need anything.  

Stay safe and know that we are all hurting being away from our Enterprise Family!

~Mrs. Johnson


703-598-5375 (cell phone)
703-590-1558 (school phone number - not available right now)