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The purpose of the Mentoring Department is to support, assist and guide new teachers in their profession to ultimately lead to student success.


PWCS Connect Orientation Conference Continues!
Monday,October 13 is the third day of the PWCS Connect Orientation Conference.The purpose of the day is to provide new educators with experiences they need to expand their professional practices, increase personal efficacy, and develop relationships with other members of the PWCS learning community.

Elementary educators new to PWCS are required to attend day three at Gar-Field High School on Monday, October 13. Elementary educators can register in the online catalog (Search OPD 100.7).

Secondary educators new to PWCS will attend content area specific sessions at locations identified by the content supervisors. Specific information can be accessed on the Office of Professional Learning Website.

Multiple professional learning opportunities are available for veteran educators on October 13. Please check the online catalog for a complete listing.
Technology Portfolio
#FY14 School Year
The deadline for all new teachers hired after July 1, 2014 is January 31, 2015.
If you were hired after November 1, 2014, the deadline is April 1, 2015.
If you were hired after April 1, 2015, the deadline is September 1, 2016.
Technology competency may be shown in one of the following ways:
  1. College course work - if you have completed a technology integration course in an education program from a college or university, send a copy of your transcript to Instructional Technology Services for evaluation
  2. Previous employment - if you have completed the technology requirement through another school division, send a copy of your certificate of completion to Instructional Technology Services
  3. Virginia license- if "Technology Standards Have Been Met" is noted on your teaching license, send a copy of your license to Instructional Technology Services
  4. PWCS Technology Competencies - successful completion of the PWCS technology portfolio. Contact your school ITRT for more details.
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