Mission Statement

The library program at Enterprise Elementary is here to engage students as enthusiastic, successful readers and staff as advocates and users of books and reading materials that enhance their teaching.

Office Hours

All Encore teachers are available together for Office Hours on Code Orange Days. You can reach Mrs. Acree and Mrs. Korzendorfer at 10:00 a.m. using the Zoom link on our Canvas Library page.

Read Every Day

Boushey Read Every Day
Thank you Mrs. Percy Best for sharing a website that can make everyone a better reading whether they are 7 or 70! This website teaches students to develop reading stamina. Stamina is the ability to do something for a long period of time without quitting. This website helps readers add a little time each day until reading for 30 minutes comes naturally. Please take a look and work all summer to develop your own reading stamina!

How can you help your child find books that are just right for them?

Choosing books that fit students' reading levels and interests will help them keep practicing and improving their reading skills as they enjoy books. There are many resources available for parents. Reading Rockets has many ideas to help you with your child's reading. Please take a look!

Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets