Reading & Literacy

Instructor: Amanda McCurdy

Happy New Year Enterprise Rockets!!

What are your New Year's Resolutions?
  Now is a great time to make reading goals!
Here are some ideas: 
1. I want to read ______ books this year.
2. I want to read _____minutes each day.

*See Below for new ways to read and write every month!*

Read and Write Everyday!!!

Literacy Ideas for Home:
1.Write about your New Year's Resolutions.
My New Year's Resolution is ____________________________ because ___________

2. If you could meet Martin Luther King Jr. today, what is one question you would have for him?
If I could meet Martin Luther King Jr., I would ask him _________________________

3. Many people in VA lost power at the beginning of January from the snow storm.  What is one fun thing you did or could do when you don't have access to internet, tv, or video games?
One fun thing I did or could do when the power is out is __________________

4. Read with a family member, friend or classmate through facetime, zoom, or skype!!!


Amanda McCurdy

Reading Specialist
Reading Recovery Teacher