Dear Enterprise Families,

As I enter my third year at Enterprise Elementary, I am so very proud of all that our staff and students have accomplished over my time here. From the moment I greet them each morning to the endless interactions throughout the school day, I am amazed at the perseverance, dedication, and genuine care each of our Rockets show.

This year we continue to follow our Four House System and have introduced our Essential 10 that ALL Rockets, staff and students, follow.

1. We are a Family (Four Houses, One Family)

2. Respect other students' comments, opinions and ideas.

3. Learn from your mistakes and be willing to try again.

4. Always say thank-you when someone gives you something or does something for you

5. Congratulate classmates

6. When walking in line; stay to the right, keep your arms at your sides and move quietly

7. Greet others and make them feel welcome

8. Always obey the rules and encourage others to do so.

9. Respond when spoken to using honesty and kindness

10. Be the Best Enterprise Rocket You Can Be

We are all about celebrating successes and looking for constant growth. Some highlights include:

Increasing our Lexia usage and on/above grade level growth K-5
Increasing combinations of 10 and number concepts
Leveling up reading levels
Meeting goals on Unit Tests

Wow, I can't wait to see what happens next!!!

With this year, comes a new "staff" member and maybe the most popular one. Tank and I became a therapy dog handler and dog team in November 2021. He comes into work 2-3 times per week to visit staff and students. Tank reads with many of our students, comforts them when they need it, celebrates successes with them, participates in class activities, and even has even had the chance to meet our families at evening events. The children love when he is there and so does he!


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Keep believing in yourself because you can do anything!!!

Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson